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  • 2006

    Company establishment

  • 2008

    Successfully developed the first embedded printer

  • 2009

    Successful successful driving recorder recorder and the development of national driving recorder printer standard
    Successful development of medical equipment dedicated printer

  • 2010

    Into the self-service terminal printing field development
    The company has developed more than 10 products

  • 2011

    The first independent research and development of thermal products for utility model patents
    Has received a special issue of software 6.

  • 2012

    Through the national high - tech enterprise certification.

  • 2013

    Re-access to software special issue 6.
    Developed the first bronzing printer.
    Developed the first two-roll printer
    Develop the first banner printer

  • 2014

    Application for the creation of a collaborative project on color thermal printers
    Developed the first 150mm log printer

  • 2015

    Re-apply for software works and utility model 12
    Developed the first thermal transfer cover printer
    Independent printer production and sales exceeded 20 million units.


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