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MS-FPT301 And MS-FPT301K In The Field Of Medical Instruments

Date : 2020-05-11     Views : 286

MS-FPT301 And MS-FPT301K Has Added A Helping Hand In The Field Of Medical Instruments

   Masung technology has added a helping hand in the field of medical instruments. Recently, panel printers MS-FPT301 and MS-FPT301K prod-uced by our company have been playing a great role in the smart uroflowmetry system intelligent urine flow rate measurement system developed by our par- tners.

   MS-FPT301 is embedded with the independent module model embedded in the smart uroflower-scale system intelligent urine flow rate system, and by the time the patient is tested, its possible to pass the data and charts to the embedded panel printer, which allows the patient to operate inde-pendently and quickly, and to reduce the pressure of the hospital.

   MS-FPT301 is flexible and compact. It only needs to provide the space required by the panel, which can include integrated combination of cutting knife, control board, paper shaft, etc. Besides, it is easy to operate and change the paper. It does not need to be achieved through large area splitting machine. For machines in public places, we also provide MS-FPT301k safety locks for internal security.
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